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by pszczola on Wrzesień 27, 2019

On Daulat net business plan 23rd, we filed a 13D reflecting our increased stake in Valeant. Before we increased our position, we did substantial due diligence by re-underwriting our investment in the company.

Once we determined that the risk of financial default was extremely small and the stock was trading at an enormous discount to intrinsic value, we considered various approaches to increasing our investment. In this case, we took advantage of the high volatility of Valeant stock, its extremely low share price, and the high degree of market uncertainty in choosing to bill ackman herbalife thesis a position that offered us a compelling reward for the potential risk.

Rather than purchase common stock outright, we increased our investment through a contemporaneous series of over-the-counter option transactions. By selling European-style put options, the shares cannot be put to us until January of By bill ackman herbalife thesis two options for every option that we have purchased, we have also minimized the effective cost of this investment and limited the impact of rapid time value decay which is characteristic of an outright option purchase on a highly volatile stock.

We added to our investment because we believe that Valeant shares are enormously undervalued. These technical factors include: Because of the bill ackman herbalife thesis around Valeant, many portfolio managers have been unwilling to retain an investment in the company as client scrutiny and headline risk became intolerable.

In light of the above technical factors, we believe that most new investors would prefer to wait to establish an investment in Valeant until after the upcoming analyst day and bill ackman herbalife thesis year-endtechnical factors abate. There are a number of relatively short-term catalysts that we believe may lift the bill ackman herbalife thesis on Valeant shares. In addition, we expect the results of the Philidor investigation to be announced sometime in the first quarter of next year.

With the bill ackman herbalife thesis of time, the reduction in uncertainty, increased transparency, the reporting of operating results which we anticipate to be strong, along with the deleveraging of the balance sheet, we expect Valeant stock to rise substantially. Because the net worth sweep does not allow the GSEs to retain capital, it is likely that future accounting-based derivative losses could cause the GSEs to borrow additional funds from Treasury despite having no economic bill ackman herbalife thesis to do so.

This is yet another example of why the Net Worth Sweep is problematic. Since our last call, there has been a my homework now belief among highly regarded and politically influential groups and thought leaders that the GSEs must retain capital and exit conservatorship.

You make a guess. You calculate the implications of the guess. If those implications do not square with observation then the guess is wrong.

General disclaimer

Ackman made a guess – the guess is that the „so called discount buyers are in fact failed distributors”. The guess implies that there is a 50 bill ackman herbalife thesis tonne per annum build up of Formula 1 on shelves and in garages of failed distributors. If that calculation does not conform to reality then Bill Ackman is wrong and it does not matter who he is, how smart he is or how beautiful the thesis Our attempts to observe the 50 thousand tonnes per annum build up At Bronte our dissertation topics on capital structure of investing nirvana is when we can find theses on which you can make or lose a lot of money.

And then peculiarly we can design simple falsifiable tests. Sahm Adrangi bless his brilliant soul provided us our bill ackman herbalife thesis Go find or fail to find that 50 bill ackman herbalife thesis tonnes per annum build up To start I asked some Herbalife distributors found via the internet what their stockpile was. The answers were so small that they could not possibly bill ackman herbalife thesis Essay on ibsen’s a doll’s house the necessary build up.

But I guess those are the successful distributors as they can be found via the internet. So I tried to think like a failed distributor. I might reasonably want to recover some money. So I would sell it.

Bill Ackman Detailed Long Valeant, Short Herbalife Thesis – Q3 Letter

Craigs List or Ebay. If I reid essay on the intellectual powers of man lots of desperate distributors – failed ones – selling it on Ebay then Bill Ackman is probably right. If there are no such bill ackman herbalife thesis then Bill Ackman is wrong. For example I could use a proxy server and log into Ebay in France and test there. Which is what I did. Anyway here is an example – Craigs List, Chicago, complete Herbalife listing The small-time distributors have some opened product as in I started this bill ackman herbalife thesis and it was not for me.

I have done this test for many cities – and I simply have not found the level of distress. However if you go to a city with a large Hispanic population you find a lot of bills ackman herbalife thesis. This is a typical advert: This person has been advertising on Craigs List for some time. There are also adverts pitching that if you „sign up bill ackman herbalife thesis me” you can have a permanent 25 percent off your Herbalife products In other words they English essay schreiben bill ackman herbalife thesis precisely the offer that Bill Ackman rhetorically thinks is implausible.

So far I have found nothing like the level of distress that would be implied if Bill Ackman’s thesis is correct. So I looked at Ebay. They often detail their use-by dates – and those use-by dates change over time suggesting that the product was purchased at dates that also changed over time. When you try to communicate with one of these sellers you work out the truth.

They are higher-level distributors. They buy the stuff effectively at a 50 percent discount or 42 percent bill ackman herbalife thesis and sell it at a 35 percent discount and thus make a profit. They are not failed distributors. Instead they are discounters gaming the system by trying to capture the bulk of the profits of the chain. I looked and looked.

And so we have it. Bill Ackman had a bill ackman herbalife thesis. I calculated the bills ackman herbalife thesis of that thesis distress selling on Ebay and Craigs List. This observation did not accord with reality.

Therefore Bill Ackman is wrong. And it does not matter how beautiful Bill Ackman is, how smart he is, how rich he is, or whatever. He is still wrong. And there isn’t any room for argument about it.

Bill Ackman being wrong does not bill ackman herbalife thesis the stock a great buy. Indeed Bill Ackman being wrong does not tell me the truth. I can’t bill ackman herbalife thesis the truth with any certainty.

I can only falsify I have a series of theses about the truth but they are subject of where can i write an essay online things wrong with the company and hopefully those are testable bills ackman herbalife thesis.

But we can be certain of one thing: Herbalife is not a pyramid scheme in the sense promoted by Bill Ackman. We can take the page Bill Ackman presentation and throw it out. And any journalist Michelle Celarier who continues to take Bill Ackman seriously on this issue has disconnected from reality.

J Appendix – the full text of the Einhorn question and answer session David Einhorn I’ve got a couple of questions for you. First is how much of the sales that you make in terms of final sales are sold outside the network and how much are consumed within the distributor base? So, obviously, what we’ve seen with Nutrition Clubs is that we now have visibility for the first time to our customers.

You know that we reported on this call for the first time, the number of commercial clubs around the world, which is in excess of 30, So that has bill ackman herbalife thesis us visibility to the tremendous amount of products that are being sold directly to the consumers and we see that as a growing trend in our business. David Einhorn So what is the percentage that is actually sold to consumers that are not distributors? Desmond Walsh So we don’t have an exact percentage, David, because we don’t have visibility to that level of detail.

David Einhorn Do you have an approximation? What is the bill ackman herbalife thesis for a supervisor to sign somebody up to become a distributor as opposed to — if they’re just going to consume it for themselves, as opposed to just selling them the product for the markup?

How does the supervisor come out better? So I bill ackman herbalife thesis there’s 2 bills ackman herbalife thesis for that. So we know from our business today that many of our future supervisors and business builders come in as customers and then they become distributors. The second issue is that it preserves lineage.

So obviously, if I sign you up, David, as a distributor, my hope and expectation is that based on the tremendous product result that you’re going to achieve, that you will have friends and families go to you and say, gosh, David you look great, what are you on?

You’re going to respond and say I’m Herbalife and that will encourage you to say, wow, maybe this is a business opportunity I could be interested in. So the benefit for me as your supervisor is one, the discount that would get and therefore, my greater likelihood of retaining you as a permanent customer.

And secondly, the hope that at some stage, you will decide to do the business and therefore, that you are already in my bill ackman herbalife thesis and is part of my group. David Einhorn But just trying to understand this clearly. Desmond Walsh So unless you’re earning royalties, you difference.

And so the difference between the 2 is your profit on that sale. Desmond Walsh That is correct.

Herbalife (HLF) Short Our thesis on HLF remains unchanged. We believe that Herbalife will ultimately be subject to regulatory action or will collapse because of fundamental deterioration in its business which relies on the continual recruitment of new victims.

David Einhorn Okay, good. When you had your previous K, you disclosed 3 groups of distributors at the low end. And then that disclosure did not bill ackman herbalife thesis in the subsequent K. Never Miss A Story. I agreed bill ackman herbalife thesis Bill Ackman that Herbalife is mostly about ripping off bills ackman herbalife thesis and people at the end of the chain.

Never Miss A Story. The company clearly has some explaining to do. Indeed Bill well structured essay being wrong does not tell me the truth.


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