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Problem solving questions in c programming. The best essay

by pszczola on Wrzesień 27, 2019

C Programming and Problem Solving Questions and Answers 1 to 10

We scan the string from left to right counting the number occurrences of problem solving questions in c programming character in a Hashtable. Then we perform a second pass and check the counts of every character. Be prepared for follow-up question for improving memory efficiency, solving it without hash table as well. You also need to provide both iterative and recursive algorithm for String reversal.

You can use other String utility methods e. For example if given String is „Programming” then your program should print g: You have to write a Java program which will take essay terrorism in terms of peshawar incident String input and print out number of vowels and consonants on that String.

If you get this question on Interview, you should clarify that whether String can contain numbers, special characters or not e.

In order to solve this problem, you are not allowed to do so. Your method must return count of given character, Short essay on coping with loss example if input String is „Java” and given character is ‚a’ then it should return 2.

Bonus point if you handle case, null and empty String and come up with unit tests. For example, if you pass „” to the program then it should return Make sure your solution is robust i.

  • Also remember to solve same question using both recursion and iteration, as interviewer really like to ask iterative version if you come up with recursive algorithm and vice-versa.
  • Two strings are anagrams if they are written using the same exact letters, ignoring space, punctuation and capitalization.
  • Your method must return count of given character, for example if input String is „Java” and given character is ‚a’ then it should return 2.
  • The string is one of the most important data structure and available in almost every programming language e.
  • Also difficult level increases as you move questions.
  • Even in your college days, you would have solved lots of coding problems based upon String like reversing String in place, checking if String is a palindrome, checking if two strings are an anagram of each other, calculating permutations of String etc.
  • These are really good question to prepare for programming job interviews, not only you can expect same question on a real interview but also it will prepare you how to tackle algorithmic coding interview questions.
  • A good book to prepare for programming job interviews in a short time.
  • Each letter should have the same count in both strings.
  • General Programming Interview Questions In this category of programming questions, I have put questions which are not fit into any data structure but presents a real-life problem and you need to provide a solution.
  • These programming interview questions are from my personal collections and I have only chosen those which are not very difficult, can be solved easily but at the same time can become too complex or confusing, present lots of follow-up questions and test fundamentals of programming, OOPS and design.

Bonus points if you come up with good unit test cases. It has a easy recursive solution but thinks get really tricky when Interviewer ask you to solve this question without using recursion. You can use Stack though. Your program should return true if String is Palindrome, otherwise false.

You need to remove duplicate characters from a given string keeping only the first occurrences.

C programming Solved Programs/Examples with Solutions

Pay attention to what output could be, because if you look closely original order of characters are retained the in output. That destroys original order of characters and will not be correct solution in this case. You are given 3 strings: So, given these 3 strings write a function that detects whether third String is a valid shuffle of first and second String. The function takes two strings as the input and returns the index where the second string is found.

If the target string cannot be found, then return This question is also asked as Code and algorithm to check if a given short string is a substring of a problem solving questions in c programming string.

Can you get a linear solution O n if possible? For example how do we write a reflective essay input is „aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbcddddeeeeee” it should return „a”.

You need to write a Java method which will accept a String and a character to be removed and return a String, which doesn’t has that character e. For more coding and algorithmic questions, you can also check the Cracking the Coding Interview 6th Edition book, which contains over Programming Questions and Solutions.

Fill in the blank exercises

String Programming Interview Questions The string is a problem solving questions in c programming and probably most common thing you come across on any programming language and so is with any programming interview. There is almost always a question on String whether its related to length or replace but I have problem solving questions in c programming found one or two String programming questions on interviews. This be done by using either StringBuffer reverse method or by technique demonstrated in the solution here.

Also, StringBuilder is not synchronized like StringBuffer and that’s why faster and should be used for temporary String manipulation.

This section contains solved program on various popular topics of C++ Programming Language. As we know that C++ is the superset of C language, hence most of the programs already written in C .

Couple of reasons which I think make sense is an implementation of String pool, Security, and Performance. designers know that String will be used heavily in every single Java program, so they optimized it from the start. You can even use a regular expression to split a big string into several smaller strings. If you can solve all these String questions without any help then you are in good shape.

If you need problem solving questions in c programming practice, problem solving questions in c programming is another list of 20 string coding questions. Programming questions on Array An array is one of the topics where most of the programming online document editor are asked.

There are many and many programming questions on Array and here I have included only some of them which are not very difficult to solve but some of array programming question can be extremely challenging, so well prepare this topic.

Here is a quick tip to solve this programming question: If you essay on kidnapping in nigeria problem solving questions in c programming advanced questions based upon array then you can see also see The Coding Interview Bootcamp: And, if you feel 10 is not enough questions and you need more practice, then you can also check out this list of 30 array questions.

It actually compliments array and whatever you cannot do with an array, you can do with a problem solving questions in c programming list. For example, the array needs contiguous memory to store objects but the linked list doesn’t need that. It’s difficult to add and remove elements in an array because you need to shift existing but the cost of that you lose the ability to search elements in constant time with index.

Searching and element require traversing linked list, which means examining all nodes, thus cost around O n time.


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